Phoenix's premier short fiction storytelling event

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016 @ Crescent Ballroom (21+)

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Spillers No.6 happens December 13th @ 7:30pm (21+)

Spillers is Phoenix's premier short fiction storytelling event. Held quarterly, we handpick Phoenix's best writers, put them on a stage, feature them in 2 episodes of the Spillers After Show podcast, and publish their stories in a collectible book available the night of the event.

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Robert Hoekman Jr reads his work at Spillers #1

Meet the writers for Spillers No.6

Apply to become a Spiller

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How to apply

Send us one original story, of your own creation, that you think is primed for the Spillers audience. IMPORTANT: This story must be no more than 10 minutes long when read aloud (generally 1,800-2,000 words), and free to be published in a Spillers event chapbook. Excerpts are acceptable, but the piece must work as a standalone short story. Either send us a link or paste the story into your email here.

What we look for in a writer

Our favorite thing is to put diverse and undiscovered talent alongside award-winners. We don't limit Spillers to specific genres or styles. Simply, we want the best version of what you do well. We look for unique voices, distinct voices, true voices — a voice only you can have, only you can bring. If we love what you've done, we'll proudly and loudly make you part of Spillers.

For examples from past Spillers events, check out the Spillers After Show podcast.